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In Brief January 2016

Cool Collaboration
Paris hosted one of last year's hot tickets, ESOMAR's Global Qualitative 2015 Conference, but it was the topic of Millennials which keep rearing its head, in all kinds of guises, across the three days.
One quiz to rule them all
As a newcomer to the research industry I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Journeying into the unknown (well, the Warwick pub in Piccadilly) made it exciting and then daunting as I considered the possibility of small talk and endless industry in-jokes.
Stop, Breathe, and Be
The latest Spark was a workshop in mindfulness for moderators, and as Graham Brown reports, it can be a startlingly effective tool.
Sweating the small stuff
A few little changes, a welcoming email invite, a smiling intro in person, maybe some more music while they wait, can all reassure respondents.
Questions in Kurdistan
Running focus groups in a region where the concept is alien, and where the term doesn't even exist in the vocabulary, is a challenge for any researcher.
This year's winner of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award, C Space, demonstrated how using cocreation helped drive innovation and culture change at Aviva.
Finding time
We all know that we should be at the airport in good time. But, as frequent travellers, we like to push our luck. What's the point in getting there three hours before if we can leave it to the last minute?
Getting closer to the action
This year I was lucky enough to receive a GoPro for Christmas! As an avid rambler, I've been wanting to get one of these cameras for years so that I could film some of my walks around the countryside and share the footage with family and friends.