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In Brief March 2016

How to boss a briefing
AQR's first Breakfast Bites kicked off in style, acting not just as a reminder of best practice, but also highlighting some important behavioural tips and techniques.
Hands-on Moderating
The opportunity to hone your moderating skills can be viewed with trepidation, but AQR offers a non-threatening environment and tutors who've been there and done it all.
Not The Xmas Party step-by-step guide
AQR's parties are noteworthy, but this year's was a right cracker as our first-timer, Tamsin, is happy to report and the piano player had a major part to play, too.
Father of British qual
Simon Patterson and Francesca Malpass's paper, 'The Influence of Bill Schlackman on Qualitative Research', provides an insightful account of this pioneer's 37-year career in qual.
Make me an internet star
There was a time when respondents were wary of being filmed but now they're often disappointed if they're not. We explore the evolving role of video in qual.
Out of the oven, into the pan
AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award finalist One-MS reveals how it helped Premier Foods enhance an NPD opportunity for Loyd Grossman Pan Melts.
This week I came across a fantastic new app called Storehouse, which allows you to create and share visual stories with your closest friends. The app does this by helping you to build beautiful collages of photos and videos, which can then be shared via a text message or URL.
There's been lots of excitement among quallies about lifelogging devices, with the Narrative Clip being just one example.