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In Brief May 2016

Forum on form
The MRS's Impact 2016 was a cornucopia of new thinking, entertaining speakers and storytelling, but if Day two was this good, what have I missed?
Thoughts become things
Two days out at a conference overseas is always a risk, but Qual360 in Berlin delivered, offering new and creative ways to get under the skin of consumers.
Nutritious playing day
An intensive day 'workshopping' that leaves you burning to practice on everyone you encounter, in a playful way, for the rest of the day has to be a hit.
Power of visual thinking
Simplicity was key to Kevin Duncan's talk at the latest Spark: how simple diagrams can help not just focus a pitch and win business, but help at the analysis and debrief stage, too.
Hitting the jackpot for Lotto
This AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence finalist case study, charts a Camelot campaign that's proved memorable for its 'irritation' factor, and its effectiveness.
Tales from the front line
Talking with people at different ends of the social spectrum is one of the most fascinating parts of being a researcher, but it also highlights how much they have in common.
Getting down with the kids
While recently conducting research with kids, I learned the current equivalent of the now buried BBM.
Virtual Reality comes of age
This might be the year that Virtual Reality finally kicks off. Those of you who are of a similar age to me will remember the hype surrounding VR in the 90s. Back then, however, we were talking about hugely blocky experiences that simply didn't catch on.