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In Brief November 2016

Making mobile unobtrusive
The Peter Dann webinar, in which he talked 'mobile ethnography', prompted the audience to debate whether we need to tighten up how we label the methods we use.
Quals secret weapon
AQR deployed a crack team at the latest AURA seminar showcasing great qualitative research thinking to 100 client-side insight professionals, says Giles Finnemore.
Revealing maps of reality
Liz Montgomery reviews the AQR webinar in which Judy Taylor interviews Wendy Gordon about her new Book Mindframes, on Facebook Live for the first time, a discussion pertinent to new and established researchers.
Bringing a "Day in the Life" to life
The latest in AQR's Spark events was billed as lifting the cloak of invisibility to show how Behavioural Economics is all around nudging and steering our behavior 24/7.
Just who are we?
There's a tendency to take social media for granted, or to dismiss its relevance over time, but is this because we have not yet tapped the full potential of communities?
Ignorance will be no defence
The GDPR will affect all researchers and that includes you! Luckily help is at hand, with Dr Michelle Goddard offering some helpful pointers prior to AQR's webinar in December.
The return of Google Glass?
Snapchat has long been one of the leaders in the social media sphere but it now looks to be making its mark in the physical world with the launch of its first tangible product.
Prisma mobile photo editing
As quallies, we're always on the lookout for new techniques to gain a deeper understanding of consumers' motivations and behaviours. Image sorting and magazine tear exercises are a great way to do this, as image associations help us get beyond the rational.