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In Brief January 2017

Just one step away
The road to a professional qualification for qualitative researchers has proved long, hard and sometimes frustrating. Now its future lies in the hands of the industry.
Eyes Wide Opened
Research conferences this autumn have been a tad more exciting than normal, and though this session at the RSA lacked a gorilla the panel debate more than made up for it.
Keep the conversation flowing
It's one thing to observe moderators in action, another to step into their shoes, and to experience what being a respondent is like. But that's what 'hands on' is all about.
Three stars from ESOMAR
For an ESOMAR conference first timer (AQR was an association partner), Sam Nunn was impressed. Here she picks out her standout moments from Amsterdam.
Finding a personal voice
It's easy for moderators to get stuck in their ways but Sweating the Small Stuff acts as a mirror and, as attendees found, a catalyst for change.
Picture Perfect
How to capture the Experience Economy in Art? That was the challenge facing one of the joint winners of 2016's AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award.
Making an experience real
As more Virtual Reality (VR) content is produced, Neil Stevenson has been pondering a simple question: What makes 'good' VR content good, exactly?
All round leadership
This course not only enhanced leadership skills but also taught how to develop professional fitness.
Moderating Robots
Five years ago, the ability for machines to 'talk' to us would have sounded like something from the far future. But today voice technology is scarily clever. Talk to Siri on your iPhone or Alexa on your Amazon Echo and they can organise your life!
VR takes over the world
There has been a lot of excitement about virtual reality in the world of research, particularly when it comes to qualitative research. Advances in technology, coupled with more affordable VR headsets, are opening up new opportunities for us as researchers.