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In Brief May 2017

Walking the moderating talk
"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is." And attending AQR's mod skills course is guaranteed to underline that difference.
Insight Show 2017
This year's Insight Show/Marketing Week Live event (my fifth) was a case of all change: new location within Olympia, and much experimentation with layout and set-up.
The art of the infographic
Making your slides stand out can be a time consuming and costly process but AQR's recent Breakfast Bites gave us the tools to marry design with data ourselves.
Survival tips from the masters
March was a crowded month for conferences this year, and smack bang in the middle came the MRS's 'Are you future fit?', demanding an element of fitness to survive it.
What makes your face fit?
The market research industry needs to promote greater diversity in its workforce and more clarity about career structures if it wants to reflect the needs of its clients.
Clean sweep for innovation
Billie Ing and Oliver Sweet, finalists in the AQR Prosper Riley- Qualitative Excellence Award, show why good qual research should be placed at the heart of the innovation process.
Free tools for better design
The ability to create powerful visual deliverables is increasingly becoming a skill that insight professionals need to master. But if, like most researchers, you don't have a background in graphic design, creating beautiful visual assets can be a real challenge.
Is technology always good?
There have been a couple of stories that caught my attention recently that have made me take a step back and think about technology and how we use it (or don't).