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In Brief July 2017

Creativity key to [R]evolution
Hannah Mills won the Qualitative Apprentice Award at this year's AQR Conference, but she also explored whether the day lived up to its title.
Day of [R]evolution
If you have attendees lining up at the door an hour or more before they're due to open…then you know that there's a good conference in the offing. So it was at AQR's [R]evolution this summer, held at the Wellcome Collection in Euston.
Wedding cake hosts AGM
This year's AGM was a tense affair with eight slots on the Board up for grabs, but it also proved an informal opportunity for networking in salubrious surroundings.
Hope is not a strategy
The beverage market isn't a key focus for Sapio, says Jane Hales, but she was intrigued as the focus of this Spark was on the innovation process and building a brand.
Welcome to the Games
'Collaborative consumer workshop'. 'Interactive workshop-style debrief'. 'Co-creation workshopping'. Carol Wale thought such terms sounded great, but what do they mean?
Mapping a new direction
There are few disciplines that seek properly to examine the nature and importance of subjective experience the way market research does, but that's only half the story.
Never the twain shall meet?
One of the hot topics at AQR's recent conference was the cross-over – or even convergence – of qual and quant research. In Brief looks at where this might be heading.
Altered images
Smartphones are great assets for us as researchers, allowing us to capture video and images in the moment wherever we are. Indeed, the camera element of my phone is probably one of the best tools I have in my pocket.
Join The Party
Meet Houseparty: the latest social networking app making a splash with teens. It's a live video chat app with a difference.