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In Brief September 2017

Thinking up vs Thinking down
As an ever-inquisitive qualitative researcher, Hazel Haskayne was both excited and intrigued at the Spark invite to a session titled 'The Cultural Revolution'.
Sorting quant quandaries
The Linney team's quallies hared down from Mansfield for AQR's Breakfast Bites, and were pleasantly surprised not to find themselves drowning in numbers, graphs and statistics
Who's a cognitive dissident?
Andy Dexter reprised his award-winning Brexit presentation from the AQR Conference at the recent Facebook Live session and it didn't disappoint second time round.
First steps towards creativity
Infographics design, data and story. That's it. Simple. As AQR's Breakfast Bites took a trip up North it managed to demystify the process of creating visuals from a debrief.
Spotlight on convergence
What's the future of research? It's a big question, but one that feels increasingly important to try and get a handle on. Here, Niall Smith offers his personal take on the topic.
Disruptors at the heart of qual
Disruption may have become the norm in industry but has qual. In Brief asks Judy Taylor, come to terms with it and its potential impact on training and staff recruitment?
Facebook looks towards augmented reality
Facebook is placing big bets on augmented reality (AR) if new patents filed by Oculus are anything to go by. The Facebook-owned firm has plans to create augmented reality glasses be able to overlay images and videos on to real world environments.
Making things happen,... automatically
We now live in a world full of software and apps. Problem is, these often sit in their siloed place, merrily doing their thing, without consideration of the rest.