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InBrief November 2017

Human face of Mechanical Turk
With all the talk about Artificial Intelligence you'd be forgiven for thinking that the world was on the brink of a Terminator-style takeover.

Danger of forgetting our skills
Uberů We all love it, right? As qual researchers, I'm sure it's the saviour of many a late night in the office or moderating groups.

What do I do if...?
The new GDPR offers fresh challenges to our industry. We offer answers to a few basic questions on the topic, with a longer version of this article appearing online.

AURA day goes north and south
AURA conferences are a great day out of the office and the 'What's Fresh in Qual' event was no exception. This year it was repeated in Manchester to 35 AURA members.

Schmoozing ups and downs
ESOMAR celebrated its 70th anniversary in style this year, with a conference noted for the range of presentation topics and innovations such as its first 'hackathon'.

High-energy route to moderating
AQR's moderating skills course is one of the most popular on the calendar, and it's good to know that it's still giving delegates the tools they need for the job.

Networking in disguise
The Young Disruptors group held its inaugural meet in the heart of Soho, with a fiendishly difficult pub quiz that prompted ruthless rivalry and intellectual showmanship.

Escaping sandal-ed prejudice
Veganism is getting a sexy new make-over, but why should you care? Well, it offers insights into a new generation of consumers and a canny stealth marketing exercise.

Made with Qual
Qualitative research faces challenges on a number of fronts, but none of them are insurmountable. And surely, says Lyn McGregor, the best response is to shout out its benefits?