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InBrief January 2018

How the iPhone X will reshape our industry
Last November, iPhone X burst on to the scene. In among the glossy launch video, there's one thing that stands out: Apple's use of facial recognition technology.

Crowd surfing into VR
Last year, Snapchat launched its new Crowd Surf feature. Using computers that are far too clever for their own good, Snapchat uses AI machine-learning technology to analyse when lots of people are simultaneously recording the same musical performance.

The art of "wellbeeing"
Author John Grant features in the AQR Hub's recent Facebook Live, quizzed about his latest book: Better. He says that qual research has a key role in making brands "human friendly".

Back to the future
ESOMAR may have lacked a Marty McFly at its 21st Global Qualitative Conference, but it was as fast-paced, idea generating, innovative and humorous as its namesake.

Researching UX: User Research
This new book, by James Lang and Emma Howell, contains a host of 'stealables' that will demystify design research and make the world a better place for qual researchers.

Wondering just what to read?
Wondering just what to read? Paul Arnold has the answer. His website contains a whole host of reviews that will keep you occupied for the foreseeable future. Here are just two summary extracts.

Speed dating with a difference
Steve Williams has come up with a new twist to an old format, and he's happy to share it. Let's hear it for SpeedMeet: a fresh slant on consumer closeness.

Bullsh*t Bingo
Oliver Sweet, winner of the 2017 AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award, on how demystifying the 'cool' in qual made the methods real and the impact tangible.