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InBrief May 2018

Robo-journalism and the writing on the wall
The pace of development in translation technology is eye watering. Translation services from companies like DeepL and Google are posing threats to multiple industries and jobs as the technology behind their software becomes increasingly refined.

Ever been out doing fieldwork and had to dial into an analysis session? I have. Mural is a collaboration tool you might consider using to help.

Nuggets from point of impact
This year's MRS Conference, Impact 2018, promised much, and it delivered. In fact, it's worth noting that it's now just ten short months until the next one!

Semiotics is simple, it's context
May's AQR Breakfast Bites North proved one of the most successful to date, attracting attendees from overseas as well as the UK. Why? Well, read onů

The myth of the focus group
A month or so ago emails were flying within the qualitative research community following a Guardian long read article, so AQR decided to engage the author in conversation.

Pitching to grass roots
In this, the last of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award 2017 finalists' articles, we learn how qual helped harness cricket fans' emotions and grow the sport.

Perceptions of racial discrimination
Evidence from the Home Office Citizenship Survey revealed that many black and Asian people expect to be treated 'worse than others' because of their ethnicity or race. But why?