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InBrief September 2018

Passive app tracking reveals hidden gems
Passive app tracking records a participant's smartphone usage. It can be used to track how they use apps or sites, or to acquire wider data sets depending on the research requirement. We frequently recruit participants for studies which involve smartphone usage being monitored in this way.

Better collaboration through technology
One of the joys of qualitative research is getting to work as a part of a team. But when you're out of the office on fieldwork, collaboration can be hard. Let me introduce you to two handy tools that make working together a piece of cake, even when you're doing so remotely.

Learning, thinking, and doing
Three members from LWRTonic attended AQR's "Welcome to the Games" workshop training day, instilling in them the confidence to move outside their comfort zone.

GDPR crept up on the industry, but even those who planned for its launch still have questions, which AQR's joint webinar with ESOMAR did its best to answer.

Teamwork at play in online course
Online moderating brings a new set of opportunities, and challenges, which meant that Kelly Barnard approached AQR's course with a certain trepidation.

A year of independence
There comes a time in every researcher's life when they question what direction their career should take. In Niall Smith's case, it meant a leap into the great unknown.

Embracing a future with BE
Is Behavioural Economics a threat to qual? Or is it merely a timely 'nudge'? Mark Earls debates whether it's time to reframe what we do.