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InBrief November 2018

Getting to grips with data
After a number of high profile data breaches, at companies like Facebook, Equifax and British Airways, and with GDPR continuing to make ripples across many industries, it may have been welcome news that Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, has stepped into the fray with a new invention that promises to give people more control of their data.

Creating 'appy stakeholders
Engaging stakeholders in research can be an uphill battle. Time-poor and juggling dozens of other projects, a 100-slide report is probably the last thing they want to deal with.

Clients taken on qual journey
A key benefit of AQR membership is the opportunity to present to a roomful of research users, and for the second time the AURA London session was repeated in the North.

Frameworks for the future
Analysis and interpretation is the bedrock of qualitative research and Caroline Florence's course seemed to tick all the boxes for the AQR members who attended.

Overcoming butterflies
Author Lyn Roseaman led the recent AQR Breakfast Bite on presentation skills, a nifty session that enthused, involved, and entertained, while inspiring attendees to get practising.

Moderating for all levels
Given that a large part of the theory is covered online beforehand, attendees at the Hands-On Mod Skills course can make the most of the expert tutors on hand.

Five reasons why qual is here to stay
Oxford University researchers have calculated the chance of jobs being automated. Bitter irony for unprotected insurance underwriters or watch repairers who find their time is up: both face a 99% likelihood of being replaced, along with data entry keyers and telemarketers. 'Market research analysts and marketing specialists' come in at an unhealthy 61%.

Time to help moderators
Literature on participant honesty often focuses on linguistic analysis and the psychology of questioning, placing the burden on moderators. But is it time for a more collaborative approach?