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InBrief January 2019

Handy writing recognition apps
Quallies are more than familiar with hurriedly scribbling down fieldwork notes, only to be faced with a stack of paper the following day, and the mammoth job of typing the notes up. Coupled with the time pressure of report writing, this process often feels tedious andeven a little outdated. Thankfully, there are apps which can help.

Getting behind the screens
Update the iOS on your iPhone and you'll get access to a clever new feature. Screen Time allows iPhone users to better understand their own device usage.

Where smart data meets global qual
The tail end of 2018 saw ESOMAR host its inaugural Fusion in Dublin, where it promised data science and human science would meet. So how did it pan out?

The future of qualitative research
Nick Southgate's webinar had it all: star-rated content, excellent presenters, sound and lighting problems, and the ability to keep its audience enthralled from start to finish.

Ignore culture at your peril
Initially delayed, Culturama proved well worth the wait. Members appreciated the entertaining and insightful session that Nick Gadsby and Oliver Sweet delivered.

Technique top tips from the Met
An insight into how a Metropolitan Police Officer goes about interviewing.

Choose your words carefully
If there is one profession which might claim to run along similar lines to qual, it is journalism. But has the rise of"Fake News" and increasing reliance on data changed this?

Stopping people giving and not taking
The winner of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award 2018 delves into why buyers of The Big Issue had lost touch with its original mission.

The detail and the duty
There were so many unanswered questions at the end of the last webinar on how qualitative research will be affected by GDPR that we just had to go again.