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InBrief March 2019

AI is Useless for Qual
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are changing how people do quant research, digital marketing and data analytics. But it's not relevant for qual research. Or is it?

Time to rethink new product testing
One of my pet peeves when it comes to new product testing is just how often we end up relying on mood boards or wordy feature lists to bring new ideas to life. How much can you really tell from a couple of mocked up pictures or a few sentences? And is this about to change?

Besting debrief-writing fears
There is more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case, to craft a debrief story with greater imagination and skill. AQR's Communicating Your Story set out alternatives.

The Mind is Flat
In an AQR webinar, behavioural scientist Nick Chater challenges all you thought you didn't know about the hidden depths of the unconscious mind, talking to Nick Southgate

Confidence-building bites
The initial briefing meeting with a client can make novice researchers quake in their shoes, but AQR's 'How to boss a briefing meeting' helped them overcome that mindset.

Mahiki hosts more than the Royals
This year's Not the Christmas Party at Mahiki, Prince Harry's once favourite hangout, treated AQR members as celebs, but how did it compare to previous venues?

You don't have any hidden depths
You don't have any hidden depths. Sorry about that. This is just one of the radical implications of Professor Nick Chater's work, captured in his latest book, "The Mind Is Flat". So what does this mean for qual?

From revelation to revolution
In this article, Sarah De Caux, one of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award Finalists, outlines how mapping the micro challenged a whole industry to think again.