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InBrief May 2019

Music to work to
Distractions, whether smart phones, colleagues, or office snacks, all make it increasingly difficult to focus on work. Small wonder then that food and drink innovations geared to boosting productivity and focus are entering the market, and now it's music streaming's turn.

New slant on incentives
Clients appreciate the service that a field agency brings, but possess little interest in what goes on behind the scenes to provide it, least of all the time-consuming but necessary task of paying incentives.

Turning negatives to positives
Imposter Syndrome proved a new concept to many but come February members came out en masse to learn what it means for quallies and how to transform it.

The Citizen Shift
"Consumers just buy stuff, Citizens participate." And Jon Alexander, in AQR's latest webinar, says researchers and clients need to take account of this change.

How to frame a living portrait
This was a day that promised much and delivered. Three sessions focusing on writing, photography and film-making showed how to bring the characters we work with to life.

Insider view on ad agencies
Who knew? AQR's Young Disruptors discover that if the researcher is the detective, and the planner the advocate, together they are allies in the pursuit of great creative.

Triggers of a mobile revolution
What makes people, women specifically, adopt mobile internet? AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award finalist Charlotte Smith set out to find the answer.

Why show off when you can signal?
Signalling theory is more generally associated with the animal kingdom, but Peter Totman shows how it can help us understand people, brands, and ourselves.