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InBrief July 2019

Transforming transcription
As a researcher, finding a reliable, cost effective and accurate transcription service can seem like a difficult task. The cheaper machine services can be inaccurate and incorrect, while human transcribers tend to be more accurate, but can be out of many people's price ranges.

I love choice. I love the fact that, as a qualitative researcher, there is such a diverse variety of technologies and methodologies available to me today.

Ken Parker (1952-2019)
People like Ken don't come along that often, but when they do their positive influence on everything they undertake, and those they work with, is clear for all to see. Ken was a great friend, boss, mentor and colleague to countless people in the industry and his legacy will continue to help shape this sector for many years to come.

Biases and decision making
AQR's May webinar, featuring author Richard Shotton, with attendees from the US, South Africa and India as well as the UK, drew a global and appreciative audience.

Unpicking conversation nuances
A fresh slant on how to decipher true meaning when we talk to one another revealed the tantalising opportunities Micro ethnography offers, and the potential drawbacks.

An introduction to ethnography
This was a Breakfast Bites which our author felt both curious and anxious about. But she needn't have worried: and she left with key tips on how to approach research, and life.

Top marks for Mod Skills Workshop
A successful course is one that tackles a topic requiring high levels of concentration, combining theory and practice, and leaves attendees energised while boosting their confidence.

Big Day Out with a difference
AQR's Conference served to inspire, energise and foster a sense of belonging among the qual research community while providing a host of useful take-outs for attendees.

Stopping fare evaders in their tracks
Many factors combine to prompt fare evasion in Australia. The challenge for this AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award finalist was how to change this behaviour.