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InBrief September 2019

Emotional highs and lows
Neuroscience had been a bit of a mystery to our author until this Spark session, which revealed that qual researchers are well placed to explore the 'so what' from the data it generates.

Run the room
Want to learn how to run a workshop? Come to a course that's run like one. Attendees valued the tuition, the interaction, the venue and the opportunity to sit on both sides of the table.

Is there anyone out there?
Breakfast Bites tips for remote debriefs proved a compelling topic for researchers eager to surmount such obstacles as awkward silences and fears that your audience is slumbering.

Grappling with sacred cows
Not so much Alchemy as a rip-roaring webinar with Rory Sutherland exploring, with Nick Southgate, such topics as the limitations of Big Data and 'post'-rationalisation.

The mind games of M&As
In an era of uncertainty, it can be helpful to know just how agency mergers and buy outs are shaping our industry and what you, as an individual, can do to survive or thrive.

Start with strength
It's all too easy, when trying to solve a problem, to focus on the negatives rather than positives. Here, our author argues that we are ignoring an important agent for change.

William "Bill" Schlackman (1930-2019)
Bill Schlackman sadly passed away on Friday May 31, 2019 at the age of 88.