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InBrief May 2020

Standouts from Impact
The MRS Conference is just a few short weeks ago, but already it seems like a lifetime. Still, there is good reason to remember many lessons learned, which could prove critical post-lockdown.

Tax threat from HMRC
AQR's webinar on the introduction of IR35 was billed as an attempt to inform members how it would affect clients and freelancers, but we now have an extra year to plan.

Staying sane in a crisis
If ever there was a timely webinar it was this one, designed to help AQR's Young Disruptors' mental wellbeing when working and living at home just as the lockdown started.

We're all progressives now?
AQR members did well at the MRS Conference this year, not least Peter Totman who, though his presentation didn't unleash the torrent of questions he expected, was put forward for best paper.