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In Depth Journal

In Depth is designed to take a topic of particular interest within the world of qualitative research and to look at it in much greater detail than would be possible within the format of In Brief. In Depth is published every six months and sent free of charge to AQR members.

In Depth: Through a glass darky

Autumn 2018

In Depth: Systems 1 and 2

Spring 2018

In Depth: Social purpose advertising

Autumn 2017

In Depth: Chaos. Bringing order into qual

Spring 2017

In Depth: Think YOU are moral?

Autumn 2016

In Depth: Musicality

Spring 2016

In Depth: Neuroaesthetics

Autumn 2015

In Depth: Celebrating 35 years

Spring 2015

In Depth: Creativity

Autumn 2014