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In Depth Journal

In Depth is designed to take a topic of particular interest within the world of qualitative research and to look at it in much greater detail than would be possible within the format of In Brief. In Depth is published every six months and sent free of charge to AQR members.

In Depth: Social purpose advertising

Autumn 2017

Social purpose advertising
A bold move by Jigsaw, kids appreciate straight talking, and a qualitative exploration of participation

In Depth: Chaos. Bringing order into qual

Spring 2017

Chaos. Bringing order into qual
How to research user journeys, think about the future, and analyse social media.

In Depth: Think YOU are moral?

Autumn 2016

Think YOU are moral?
Too narrow a focus on what drives attitudes is dangerous. Seek inspiration from moral foundation theory.

In Depth: Musicality

Spring 2016

Challenge, and our ability as researchers to keep challenging what we do; a clarion call for continued innovation.

In Depth: Neuroaesthetics

Autumn 2015

Art, metaphor and photojournalism are all seemingly different subjects but all subtly linked. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

In Depth: Celebrating 35 years

Spring 2015

Celebrating 35 years
A special edition of In Depth, celebrating 35 years of AQR, and a time when we are experiencing unprecedented changes in research.

In Depth: Creativity

Autumn 2014

Creativity is a "fat" word. It means different things to different people. This issue explores the different facets of creativity, to help you find your own definition.

In Depth: RIP Death

Spring 2014

RIP Death
When you think about death, what do you see? What about your own death? Have you ever thought whether you want it to be like that?

In Depth: Legend, Myth, Story, Fairy Tale

Autumn 2013

Legend, Myth, Story, Fairy Tale
Once upon a time…Four words that send a thrill of expectation down the spine. Everyone, everywhere, whatever age or cultural background, loves a good story.