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InDepth Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring issue of In Depth. It's a thought-provoking one. Although we have moved away from set 'themes' for each issue, it's still interesting to note the connections between our contributors' articles. In this issue, the overall theme is challenge and our ability as researchers to keep challenging what we do.

On the right track
During the course of a recent ethnographic study for a manufacturer of high end music systems, I started thinking about music and the role it plays in our lives, as well as how it may affect our perception of brands.

To have or have not
Why social research needs to reveal what works – as well as what doesn't

Re-inventing the researcher
Objectivity… It's a noun that means "judgement based on observable phenomena and not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices"; It's the first thing we are taught as we turn up to our first market research job, all wet behind the ears; It's the human condition's main mechanism for deciphering the truth. Lately, however, I've been questioning whether we, as an industry, might have forgotten the true meaning of the word.