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In Brief is the house magazine of the AQR, published six times a year and sent free of charge to AQR members. It covers news, views, detailed articles on topical issues in qualitative research, and reviews of events, courses, books, and software. Many articles are also kept online, creating a valuable archive of qualitative knowledge.

Issue 131

March 2018

Good cuffing season?
Pique that curiosity...
Get playful
Clients’ view on BE
The Apprentice
Studying recruitment
Life on the dark side

Issue 130

January 2018

The iPhone X
Award Winners
Facebook Live
Researching UX
Life on Mars
Frogs are shallow

Issue 129

November 2017

Why I'm still here
Data Protection
What's fresh in Qual?
High energy day
Naked veganism
Stand up for Qual
Frog ponders a brief

Issue 128

September 2017

Why I'm still here?
View from the Chair
Sparking on all cylinders
Story behind Brexit
Crystal ball time
Turning qual on its heard
Moving on out

Issue 127

July 2017

Face-to-face qual
Elections at AGM
[R]evolution in action
Talking innovation
New directions
Qual and Quant
An hour in the life...

Issue 126

May 2017

Why athleisure
Time for [R]evolution
Theory and practice
Diversity in MR
Final finalist
New arrival to the pond

Issue 125

March 2017

Why I'm still here
Education, Education,
Unpacking semiotics
Digital Deep Dive
Rapport with kids
Play it out the park
Party fare

Issue 124

January 2017

Why I'm still here
Eyes wide open
Sweating the small stuff
Joint Award Winners
Experiencing best of VR
Looking to 2017

Issue 123

November 2016

Riffing on variety
Awards countdown
Peter Dann webinar
Mindframes preview
Behaviour online
Got £20m down your sofa
Client Critique

Issue 122

September 2016

Riffing with feeling
Journey to professionalisation
Sparking creativity
Viewing studios
Politicising qual
Instagram and us
Vole sniffs the air

Issue 121

July 2016

Riffing truck dumb
Election time
QRCA in Vienna
Breakfast Bites
The Apprentice
Print to digital
Welcome to Vole

Issue 120

May 2016

Riffing incognito
Survey checklist
Impact 2016
Workshopping zest
AQR Prosper Award
Interviewing extremes
Tadpole looks back