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Reviews of AQR Events

Where smart data meets global qual
The tail end of 2018 saw ESOMAR host its inaugural Fusion in Dublin, where it promised data science and human science would meet. So how did it pan out?
The future of qualitative research
Nick Southgate's webinar had it all: star-rated content, excellent presenters, sound and lighting problems, and the ability to keep its audience enthralled from start to finish.
Ignore culture at your peril
Initially delayed, Culturama proved well worth the wait. Members appreciated the entertaining and insightful session that Nick Gadsby and Oliver Sweet delivered.
Technique top tips from the Met
An insight into how a Metropolitan Police Officer goes about interviewing.
The detail and the duty
There were so many unanswered questions at the end of the last webinar on how qualitative research will be affected by GDPR that we just had to go again.
Clients taken on qual journey
A key benefit of AQR membership is the opportunity to present to a roomful of research users, and for the second time the AURA London session was repeated in the North.
GDPR crept up on the industry, but even those who planned for its launch still have questions, which AQR's joint webinar with ESOMAR did its best to answer.
Fun, frolics and food for thought
Stay Curious lived up to its promise, with attendees eager to know, and pencil in, the date of the next conference. Valencia 2018, however, is going to take some beating.
Eyes on Human Packaging
Eyes Wide Open broke new ground for AQR, attracting speakers and an audience that looked beyond the traditional fare of forums.
Value of a good breakfast
Riaz Marzban arrived at AQR's Breakfast Bites, Recruitment: Access All Areas, a relative newcomer but left substantially wiser.
Semiotics: A way to stay relevant
Identifying the origins of a beer brand with no text to guide you can be tricky, but Rachel Lawes gave her Young Disruptors audience a few visual clues.
Nuggets from point of impact
This year's MRS Conference, Impact 2018, promised much, and it delivered. In fact, it's worth noting that it's now just ten short months until the next one!
Semiotics is simple, it's context
May's AQR Breakfast Bites North proved one of the most successful to date, attracting attendees from overseas as well as the UK. Why? Well, read on…
The myth of the focus group
A month or so ago emails were flying within the qualitative research community following a Guardian long read article, so AQR decided to engage the author in conversation.
Moving on up at IIex Europe
For the second year in a row AQR spread the word about qualitative research at IIeX Europe in the impressive halls of the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.
Talking a new language
An energetic threesome put the case for Behavioural Economics to a sell-out crowd in this two-part session, setting the scene for the next stage in its development.
Making waves with Behavioural Economics
The second in the Behavioural Economics Sparks series revealed how clients such as Barclays, Diageo and Swim England drive and embed insight within an organisation.
Tales from an AQR party novice
AQR holds its Christmas party in February but this doesn't mean the festivities are lacklustre. This year's cocktail, the Incentive, made the party go with a real swing.
Not the Christmas Party 2018
Back once more at The Ivy for the AQR's Christmas Party.
The art of "wellbeeing"
Author John Grant features in the AQR Hub's recent Facebook Live, quizzed about his latest book: Better. He says that qual research has a key role in making brands "human friendly".
Back to the future
ESOMAR may have lacked a Marty McFly at its 21st Global Qualitative Conference, but it was as fast-paced, idea generating, innovative and humorous as its namesake.
AURA day goes north and south
AURA conferences are a great day out of the office and the 'What's Fresh in Qual' event was no exception. This year it was repeated in Manchester to 35 AURA members.
Schmoozing ups and downs
ESOMAR celebrated its 70th anniversary in style this year, with a conference noted for the range of presentation topics and innovations such as its first 'hackathon'.
Networking in disguise
The Young Disruptors group held its inaugural meet in the heart of Soho, with a fiendishly difficult pub quiz that prompted ruthless rivalry and intellectual showmanship.
Thinking up vs Thinking down
As an ever-inquisitive qualitative researcher, Hazel Haskayne was both excited and intrigued at the Spark invite to a session titled 'The Cultural Revolution'.
Sorting quant quandaries
The Linney team's quallies hared down from Mansfield for AQR's Breakfast Bites, and were pleasantly surprised not to find themselves drowning in numbers, graphs and statistics
Who's a cognitive dissident?
Andy Dexter reprised his award-winning Brexit presentation from the AQR Conference at the recent Facebook Live session – and it didn't disappoint second time round.
First steps towards creativity
Infographics – design, data and story. That's it. Simple. As AQR's Breakfast Bites took a trip up North it managed to demystify the process of creating visuals from a debrief.
Creativity key to [R]evolution
Hannah Mills won the Qualitative Apprentice Award at this year's AQR Conference, but she also explored whether the day lived up to its title.
Day of [R]evolution
If you have attendees lining up at the door an hour or more before they're due to open…then you know that there's a good conference in the offing. So it was at AQR's [R]evolution this summer, held at the Wellcome Collection in Euston.
Wedding cake hosts AGM
This year's AGM was a tense affair with eight slots on the Board up for grabs, but it also proved an informal opportunity for networking in salubrious surroundings.
Hope is not a strategy
The beverage market isn't a key focus for Sapio, says Jane Hales, but she was intrigued as the focus of this Spark was on the innovation process and building a brand.