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Sustainability is a team sport
The qualitative research industry, like many others, is grappling with how to be more sustainable and finds that a good place to start is with the people we work with.
Laura Chamberlain
Creativity will be the key
As qualitative researchers our work revolves around questions and answers but sustainability is the 'big one', requiring change on a multitude of levels.
Ella Fryer-Smith
The Comfort Conundrum
In this case study, Stephanie Holland reveals how qual research re-envisioned what soothing means for mothers.
Stephanie Holland
Winning support for taxing wealth
The third case study from the 2020 AQR Qualitative Excellence Award finalists reveals how public attitudes towards tax, wealth and public services have been shaped by the pandemic.
Jane Carn
Exploring listener needs
Hook Research's entry to the 2020 AQR Qualitative Excellence Award was highly commended by judges. Sam Harris reveals how it helped BBC Radio navigate the UK's music landscape.
Sam Harris
Ad trends in a lockdown
We tend to take advertising for granted, but the pandemic has made it challenging, both practically and creatively, to keep it going. Jon Evans offers insights on how it's been achieved.
Tom Ewing
Fancy being a novelist?
It may be stretching a point to say that our industry attracts more than its fair share of creatives, but Kirsten Hesketh explains how it can hone writing and communication skills.
Kirsten Dougal-Biggs
Safety net of routines
Has lockdown stifled or encouraged creativity? Janet Weight- Reed, a working artist for nearly 50 years, says the answer lies in the attitude we bring to each day, lockdown or not.
Janet Weight Reed
Thinking inside the box
Life has been rather boring of late, but take heart: brands have been devising new formats to treat us.
Bella Wateridge
Getting rid of tokenism
There is no magic formula for brands wishing to improve their diversity and inclusivity, small wonder because it would change constantly, but there is a definite thirst for change.
Louella Miles
Lurpak: Feeding the imagination
Bread and butter, what could be nicer? Or more boring for advertising! Lurpak realised this years ago and instead championed the cause of great home cooking in its award-winning global advertising.
Peter Fenton-O'Creevy
Future Gazing
It's that billion-dollar question: what will the research agency of the future look like? More importantly, what business models will serve the qualitative industry best?
Louella Miles
Putting inclusivity at MR's heart
Colour of Research (CORe), a global community promoting diversity in research, is flying high. In Brief talks to co-founder Theo Francis about its evolution. So why isn't BAME helpful? Are carrots always better than sticks?
Theo Francis
When digital isn't the answer
Coloured pens and sticky notes triumph in the digital age. For Brackenhurst College, keen to attract teens to its vocational courses, it reignited engagement.
Sarah Jones
Positives from negatives
Jane Sharp charts how an issue that has been debated for years, that of remote consultation and online technology which enables doctor-patient contact, has suddenly turned into reality. What lessons can the qualitative research industry learn from this?
Jane Sharp
We're all progressives now?
AQR members did well at the MRS Conference this year, not least Peter Totman who, though his presentation didn't unleash the torrent of questions he expected, was put forward for best paper.
Iain Carruthers
Fieldwork Flashback
In the 1980s, our only means of communication for qualitative recruitment was a dial-phone attached to a landline. Everything was typed as most companies had their own printing department (normally in a dingy basement).
Liz Sykes
Every day is different
This AQR Qualitative Excellence Award 2019 finalist's case study, from The Nursery's Lucy Banister, reveals how qualitative research helped people care about social care.
Lucy Banister
The future is factual
The winner of the AQR Qualitative Excellence Award 2019 reveals how creative insightful qualitative research can lead to a greater appreciation of what motivates your audience.
Amanda Anderton
Celebrating 40 years of AQR
Come 2020, AQR celebrates its fortieth anniversary. To mark the occasion Roddy Glen and his helpful band of contributors chart the Association's development from its humble beginnings to its status as a professional and energetic body today.
Roddy Glen
Language of banking rebels
FinTechs, or digital-only banks, are redefining the rules of customer service. So are traditional banks lagging behind or are they taking a leaf out of these newcomers' books?
Jennifer Simon
Case of ethics versus ease
People talk about making more ethical decisions when out shopping but often fail to follow through. Here are a few tips for brands wondering to offer them a carrot or a stick.
Kymberly Loeb
The mind games of M&As
In an era of uncertainty, it can be helpful to know just how agency mergers and buy outs are shaping our industry and what you, as an individual, can do to survive or thrive.
Iain Carruthers
Start with strength
It's all too easy, when trying to solve a problem, to focus on the negatives rather than positives. Here, our author argues that we are ignoring an important agent for change.
Kat Jennings
Power of difference
"You've packed a lot into one arm, haven't you? My life would only cover the top half"
Judy Taylor
The death of the middle ground?
In an era of polarisation brands face a unifying challenge
Sarah Jay
The case for being there
Presence in research practice can have hidden benefits
Jim Mott
Stopping fare evaders in their tracks
Many factors combine to prompt fare evasion in Australia. The challenge for this AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award finalist was how to change this behaviour.
Crawford Hollingworth
Triggers of a mobile revolution
What makes people, women specifically, adopt mobile internet? AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award finalist Charlotte Smith set out to find the answer.
Charlotte Smith
Why show off when you can signal?
Signalling theory is more generally associated with the animal kingdom, but Peter Totman shows how it can help us understand people, brands, and ourselves.
Peter Totman
You don't have any hidden depths
You don't have any hidden depths. Sorry about that. This is just one of the radical implications of Professor Nick Chater's work, captured in his latest book, "The Mind Is Flat". So what does this mean for qual?
Iain Carruthers
From revelation to revolution
In this article, Sarah De Caux, one of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award Finalists, outlines how mapping the micro challenged a whole industry to think again.
Sarah De Caux
Choose your words carefully
If there is one profession which might claim to run along similar lines to qual, it is journalism. But has the rise of"Fake News" and increasing reliance on data changed this?
Louella Miles
Stopping people giving and not taking
The winner of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award 2018 delves into why buyers of The Big Issue had lost touch with its original mission.
Crawford Hollingworth
Selfhood: simple business sense
What will it take to change the mindset of those who create fashion and advertising images of women
Caryn Franklin
Are you looking at me?
'Who are you?' is a complex question. Cultural influences in the formation of self
Oliver Sweet