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Alexa Conversations
"Alexa, what's today's date?" It's a common question asked of the reported 100 million Amazon Alexa devices sold. Yet until now, any conversation has been somewhat stilted and needing to be prefaced by "Alexa".
Top Tools
We've been trawling tech developments that we think fellow researchers might find helpful, rather than threatened by, and these are the results.
Transforming transcription
As a researcher, finding a reliable, cost effective and accurate transcription service can seem like a difficult task. The cheaper machine services can be inaccurate and incorrect, while human transcribers tend to be more accurate, but can be out of many people's price ranges.
I love choice. I love the fact that, as a qualitative researcher, there is such a diverse variety of technologies and methodologies available to me today.
Music to work to
Distractions, whether smart phones, colleagues, or office snacks, all make it increasingly difficult to focus on work. Small wonder then that food and drink innovations geared to boosting productivity and focus are entering the market, and now it's music streaming's turn.
New slant on incentives
Clients appreciate the service that a field agency brings, but possess little interest in what goes on behind the scenes to provide it, least of all the time-consuming but necessary task of paying incentives.
AI is Useless for Qual
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are changing how people do quant research, digital marketing and data analytics. But it's not relevant for qual research. Or is it?
Time to rethink new product testing
One of my pet peeves when it comes to new product testing is just how often we end up relying on mood boards or wordy feature lists to bring new ideas to life. How much can you really tell from a couple of mocked up pictures or a few sentences? And is this about to change?
Handy writing recognition apps
Quallies are more than familiar with hurriedly scribbling down fieldwork notes, only to be faced with a stack of paper the following day, and the mammoth job of typing the notes up. Coupled with the time pressure of report writing, this process often feels tedious andeven a little outdated. Thankfully, there are apps which can help.
Getting behind the screens
Update the iOS on your iPhone and you'll get access to a clever new feature. Screen Time allows iPhone users to better understand their own device usage.
Getting to grips with data
After a number of high profile data breaches, at companies like Facebook, Equifax and British Airways, and with GDPR continuing to make ripples across many industries, it may have been welcome news that Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, has stepped into the fray with a new invention that promises to give people more control of their data.
Creating 'appy stakeholders
Engaging stakeholders in research can be an uphill battle. Time-poor and juggling dozens of other projects, a 100-slide report is probably the last thing they want to deal with.