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Reviews of AQR Training Courses

Whose slide is it anyway?
Does presenting ever get easier? AQR's Breakfast Bites revealed the three key tenets to bear in mind before standing up. It's all a matter of 'letting go', really.

Challenge of online
Online research is familiar to us all but that's not to say we couldn't get more inspiring insights from the qualitative tools available. And that's where AQR's recent course fits in.

Keep the conversation flowing
It's one thing to observe moderators in action, another to step into their shoes, and to experience what being a respondent is like. But that's what 'hands on' is all about.

Finding a personal voice
It's easy for moderators to get stuck in their ways but Sweating the Small Stuff acts as a mirror and, as attendees found, a catalyst for change.

All round leadership
This course not only enhanced leadership skills but also taught how to develop professional fitness.

Vienna in the Spring
So what's new in qual? The QRCA Worldwide Conference highlighted living in the moment, semiotics for everyone and client involvement.

The curious storyteller
From mod skills to analysis and storytelling, over two Thursdays and Fridays attendees learnt how to moderate, process knowledge and turn it into a compelling debrief.

Sweating the small stuff
A few little changes, a welcoming email invite, a smiling intro in person, maybe some more music while they wait, can all reassure respondents.

From pigeons to prosecco
Arriving at a viewing facility in central London at 9am on a Friday does not usually prophesise the start of a good day. Suffice it to say on this occasion, a Hands-On Moderating Skills course, it did.

Colour on a rainy day
My recent migration from design studio to insight agency found me making my way to the AQR's moderating skills course on a drizzly Friday morning.

The Swagger Experience
Felicity Adkins made her way to the Swagger course wondering what she had got herself into.

Embracing the Swagger
Raphael Zak had heard mixed reviews about various presentation options before being pointed in the direction of AQR's Swagger course.

Bonding at Moderating Skills Workshop
I'll confess I was skeptical having moderated before, I wondered what the classroom could teach that would stack up against experience, and felt reluctant to sacrifice two days to listen to more generic tips and tricks.

A client view of Moderating Skills Workshop
It may seem a little unusual for a client to attend an AQR moderating course, but this was one of the most beneficial I have been on. I now have a much greater appreciation of a moderator's skills and techniques and feel that I am able to add real value when working with our research agencies to plan groups and write discussion guides.

Playing the field
Working at an agency where fieldwork is largely outsourced, recruitment always felt like an obscure art, so AQR's course proved very appealing.