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Advertising on the home page of the AQR website gives you cost-effective access to a high-quality audience of qualitative researchers and businesses looking for suppliers of qualitative services.

What does an AQR Home Page advert consist of?
Each advert consists of an advertising graphic, a short advertising message and a link to your website.

What is the display frequency of the adverts?
Your advert will be in a pool of a maximum of 4 adverts in total. One advert is randomly selected from this pool each time the home page is visited.

Who is eligible to advertise?
All companies wishing to advertise on the AQR home page must have a current AQR Directory entry. Repeat advertising is taken but with priority waiting list in operation.

How much does it cost?
A home page advert costs 150 + VAT for 4 weeks advertising. A full VAT receipt will be issued. Payment may be made by debit or credit card over the phone at the time of insertion, or may be paid online. Adverts will not appear until payment has been received. Views and click reports will be provided as part of the advertising package.

What is the technical spec for the advertising graphic?

  • Format must be JPG or PNG
  • Dimensions 320px wide x 240px high
  • File Size 24KB or less

Complete this form to place a home-page advert

Placing your advert on the AQR home page is easy. Just complete and return this form and email with your graphic. Please use plain text only, no HTML. Phone us on 01480 407227 if you have any queries.

Your name (does not appear in advert, for AQR use only)

Your email address (does not appear in advert, for AQR use only)

Company Name (max 40 chars):

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Short advertising message (max 140 chars)

Website address to use when advert is clicked

All fields need to be completed. The indicated maximum number of characters permitted in each field includes letters, numbers, punctuation and keystrokes. Please do not include any HTML in these fields, plain text only. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please do contact us for advice and assistance.

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