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Andy Dexter presents his AQR Conference award winning paper: The Cognitive Dissidents

Andy’s take on ‘what is the meaning of Brexit’ is a fascinating exploration of why the Brexit vote has been so divisive and toxic and also questions many of the standard takes on why the referendum vote happened and what we want next. Qual (and quant) come together in this brilliant paper to look at the cultural issues at play and to suggest that we as an industry might not be talking to a large part of our population — the part of the population who voted in a way many of us did not see coming: the Cognitive Dissidents.

Louella Miles, Editor of In-Brief and In-Depth will put your questions to Andy.

Those of you who saw the paper at the Conference may already have questions so please send them to Louella

Join Andy and Louella on Facebook Live at 12.30pm on 25 July 2017

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25 July 2017

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