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AQR Conference 2017 [R]evolution: Never Standing Still

*** Taking Place on Thursday 8 June 2017 in London - Tickets now on sale***

[R]evolution: Never Standing Still

What it is about
We live in an ever-changing world. Recent years and months have seen vast shifts politically, culturally, socially and technologically.

With rapid changes in the way society consumes and behaves; increasing demands and decreasing budgets; now is the time for us to demonstrate how qualitative research is an industry in motion; at the coalface of modern opinion and innovation; constantly responding and adapting to its wider context and the evolving demands of the numerous sectors and roles that we serve.

Exciting evolutions and revolutions are at play within qual. We are rewriting rules, re-inventing methodologies, forging new partnerships and responding to the opportunities and challenges that are being thrown at us.

The conference will explore innovations in the world of qual today, as well as how the qual industry is evolving to remain relevant for tomorrow.

What to expect on the day
We’ve got paper sessions looking at the new connections we’re making with those in start up businesses, working without briefs, and understanding networks in developing countries; the different approaches we’re using to engage participants including getting down with teenagers, recreating TV shows as a co-creation methods for brands, and when the research is done, using research outputs as advertising content for brands. With technology and behaviour changing rapidly, we can’t forget the different ways in which we need to approach recruitment to find and work with consumers.

With a packed schedule, we’ve made sure there is time for discussion, questions and debate. With a panel and audience session debating whether in fact qual research has evolved or whether in fact we’re churning the same old stuff; workshops exploring the role of laughter, improvisation, mindfulness and yoga to help us adapt to different situations; we’re topping the day off with a great session from Lee Warren who will share skills on "how to persuade anyone to do anything (well, almost)", "why grown-ups don't use PowerPoint", and "how to make networking work”.

As if that wasn’t enough, the day will include presentations from the 2016 AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award winners…so come along to hear about the great work that’s happening in our industry.

Further information

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8 June 2017

9.00am to 5.30pm Followed by drinks reception

The Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE

Map of location:
StreetMap of NW1 2BE

Standard Price:
£380+VAT (Book Online)

Member's Price:
£230+VAT (Book Online)

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