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***CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS*** We are delighted to announce that the AQR has once again been invited to present the best in qualitative thinking to AURA in London on 26 September and again in Leeds on 3 October, 2019. This is a really fantastic opportunity to get your game-changing work in front of a room full of clients twice!

It’s also a chance for AQR to champion the great work we do by showcasing effective work, new developments in qualitative research and demonstrating the impact this can have for our clients’ research challenges and for their business. Last year several clients said they came away with new ideas around how qual could help them address more of their business issues.

Again this year, we want to invite you to submit papers around 3 broad themes to show the breadth of the work we do for brands and how we are responding to challenges of this more fast-paced, digital environment faced by our clients.

We are asking for submissions that illustrate how we work across disciplines, how our delivery of research findings gets the message to the heart of the business and how we are sometimes breaking with tradition to achieve great results:

  • Fusion— making different approaches work together to deliver effective outcomes for clients
  • Immersion — immersing the client in the research, embedding the learning into the client in new and effective ways so that outcomes build the intelligence capital of the company
  • Transgression — breaking the old ‘rules’ and doing things differently - harnessing technology, navigating the social media landscape, re-thinking brand/research/consumer engagement or even shunning this new world for good old fashioned, considered qual

What we are looking for:

(1) Demonstration of key benefits of the above for your client - rather than a methodological discussion. We are keen to explore the business impact!

(2) We are looking for exciting and punchy papers. A shared presentation with your client would be particularly welcomed by this AURA audience:

  • 10-20 minute papers/presentations (please indicate your intended length)
  • Visually and intellectually stimulating, demonstrating clear business impact
  • With a focus on storytelling — both in the initial research and in getting this story across to our AURA audience

(3) A commitment to present in both London and Leeds (it’s OK if your client only attends one of the days). We have been let down in recent years which reflects badly on us all so we are keen to avoid that this year

Submission requirements:

Open to AQR members only - Free to enter - entries should be 2 A4 pages which MUSTinclude:

- Speaker name(s)
- Agency (if relevant)
- Synopsis of up 800-1,000 words — outlining the main idea, key ‘proof points' and anticipated presentation style

Files should be named according to the following convention 2019AURACONFERENCE_YOUR NAME_YOUR AGENCY

Please submit your ideas to by 5pm Thursday, 13 June.

Selection process

The winning entries will be selected jointly by the AQR and AURA and notified as soon as possible after the closing date. Once accepted we will ask for a longer draft paper/slides to be shared with us by the end of August, and final presentation slides with notes to be available by 19 September. Unfortunately due to the volume of entries this event has attracted in the past, we will not be able to provide feedback on individual entries.

Submissions deadline 13 June 2019

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