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AQR Spark - Small acts, big impacts

Small acts, big impacts: The microethnography of workplace interactions. By Sae Oshima, PhD Senior Lecturer of Corporate & Marketing Communications Bournemouth University

Have you ever left your client, thinking: exactly how did we end up with that horrible decision? Have you ever walked out of a team meeting, wondering: what is it about us that makes us click so well? Have you casually run into a colleague by the watercooler, and somehow parted with extra tasks for you to do? Professional outcomes like these may very well be boiled down to the little things you do each day!

We communicate with a range of sources available (e.g. language, gestures, facial expressions, use of material objects, posture and so on) to construct and achieve workplace goals. This session will uncover exactly how we do so on a moment-by-moment basis, and will heighten our awareness on how micro-actions influence various macro outcomes, such as: strategic decisions, customer satisfaction and workplace alliances.

The session will be run by Dr. Sae Oshima, who is a trained microethnographer of social interaction. The strength of her research lies in its rigorous method, namely unpacking macro issues through micro, sequential and multimodal analysis of video-recorded naturally-occurring interactions. This method — also known as conversation analysis — is increasingly recognised in various disciplines, and has led her to various leading roles in academic research, as well as collaboration with professionals and the wider public in the U.S., Denmark, Japan and the U.K.

There will be drinks and nibbles to enjoy at the session.

Places for the evening are limited, so please book quickly.

Cost: AQR Members £30 + VAT = £36 (membership is individual not corporate)
Cost for non members £50 + VAT = £60

Booking: online via the links below

16 May 2019

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Salvation Army
275 Oxford St
London W1C 2DJ.

Map of location:
StreetMap of W1C 2DJ

Standard Price:
£50+VAT (Book Online)

Member's Price:
£30+VAT (Book Online)

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