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AQR Book Club

AQR Book Club - Get up to speed with all those industry tomes we all wish we had read. FOR FREE

‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman is our book of the month — most of us know the general gist, but do we know the key points that underpin System 1 and System 2? Paul Arnold will take us through the key concepts behind why people are “lousy decision makers and make faulty judgements”!

Paul Arnold has an illustrious background in advertising and now facilitates training for agencies and for the IPA. He also digests and summarises the books that are shaping our industry so we are delighted that he can take us through this important work (in about 30 minutes, plus discussion).

Paul Arnold, a psychologist by training, helps energise people, teams, brands and organisations.
Paul is a coach, trainer, facilitator and strategic planner and… happily for us he has created a fantastic set of book summaries

Please RSVP to and we will send the link to join the session

Thursday 6 May

12 noon UK Time

Virtually Via Zoom

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