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Communicating Your Story

You've done great fieldwork, sweated over the analysis and hurrah - you've got some really great findings then what? It's not always easy to get that killer insight into a client-facing story and to present it in a way that gets clients fired up to act on your recommendations

Help is at hand with our course on Communicating Your Story:
Tools, tips, techniques and confidence building to knock the story into shape and wow your client with your delivery

For researchers with 0-3 years’ experience

The course will be led by a fantastic team of qualitative storytellers and a personal performance coach

Judy Taylor is one of the great communicators and presenters in qualitative research and an expert story teller.

Charlotte Austin is a behavioural psychologist and executive coach. She has worked with speakers from the media and marketing world. She is also a popular public speaker, her lectures and seminars are sell-out events around the world for example her recent speech at Facebook where she presented her most recent findings on how best to work with psychopaths in corporate environments.

This one day course covers debrief preparation and coaching on how to get your story across:

  • Identifying and communicating actionable recommendations
  • Story-telling to answer your client's problem
  • Creating usable deliverables for your client
  • Getting it presentation/debrief ready
  • An afternoon building presenting and performance skills

Hands-on approach — helping you to move from feeding back on the content of the research to answering your client’s question and getting the story across in a compelling and actionable way. Helping you to take your output and transform it into a smooth debrief.

AQR Members £245+VAT (Membership is individual not corporate)
Non-members £395+VAT (includes 12 months membership)

Booking: Please call AQR on 01480 407227 to check availability

11 January 2019

9.00am to 5.00pm

The Research House
124 Wigmore Street
London W1U 3RY

Map of location:
StreetMap of W1U 3RY

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