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Breakfast Bites - Introduction to Semiotics

Announcing…Introduction to Semiotics - Semiotics: Much misunderstood, sometimes maligned, too often confusing… many people have had an encounter with commercial semiotics, but it's still a specialist corner of the industry veiled in unnecessary mystery.

Want to introduce cultural, textual analysis into your work but feel put-off by all the jargon?

Breakfast Bites is here to help.

This session will help you understand what commercial semiotics is, when it’s useful and how to integrate these approaches into your research projects. It will get you thinking like a critical theorist and conducting textual analysis in workshop exercises.

You’ll leave the room equipped with new ways of thinking about consumers, brands and markets.

This session will be run by Alfie Spencer of Office of Ideologies. Former Head of Semiotics at Flamingo, Alfie is a Semiotician with over 10 years’ experience and has a clear understanding of the interplay between qualitative research and semiotics.

So if you have 0-4 years’ experience, can just about get yourself up in the morning and want to learn more about semiotics and how to integrate it into your own work, this is right up your street!

PLEASE NOTE Spaces are limited to 15 so please book quickly. (Please note — this also means we can only accept a maximum of 2 delegates per company).

AQR Members: £30 + VAT = £36 (membership is individual not corporate)
Non members price: £50 + VAT = £60

BOOKING - Online using the links below

4 October 2019

8.30am to 10.30am

The Research House 124 Wigmore St
London W1U 3RY

Map of location:
StreetMap of W1U 3RY

Standard Price:
£50+VAT (Book Online)

Member's Price:
£30+VAT (Book Online)

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