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Models of Thinking

***FULLY BOOKED*** One of the key challenges that seasoned researchers face, is to avoid getting stuck in the same thought processes. You need to keep fine-tuning your ideas so you can approach your client's challenges in different ways.

So, pimp your thinking!

Join us for a smorgasbord of different models, with Sarah Jay, Caroline Hayter, Judy Taylor and Laura Gillespie.

1) Mindframes — Caroline Hayter and Sarah Jay, Acacia Avenue

In 2017, Wendy Gordon published a new book called Mindframes, a collection of 6 frameworks which she had found to be the most helpful and beneficial to her over her 50yr research career. At its heart, this book is about not taking things at face value and challenging thinking. Caroline and Sarah will provide an overview of the six mind frames before delving into two of them in detail: the unconscious and why we behave the way we do

2) Brand models — Judy Taylor, ConsultJMT

Judy will lead us through a series of models that provide interesting ways of understanding, building and adjusting brands. The models covered have been borne out of a range of academic disciplines and have been developed by Judy, her colleagues and other experts in research, advertising and marketing. They help to provide better insight into brand stretch, brand behaviour, communication and NPD. You will have the chance to workshop two or three of the models she discusses on the day.

3) Communications — Laura Gillespie, Kokoro

We are conditioned to tell brilliant stories. Think of good thriller which lures you in and then pulls the rug out with a dramatic twist. Great for the pub, but a trickier sell for impatient stakeholders. Pyramid works in the opposite way. It’s storytelling, but with busy clients in mind! Laura will walk us through the Pyramid model, which will revolutionise how you write emails, compose summaries and structure reports.

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23 January 2020

9.00am to 5.00pm

The London Art House
2-18 Britannia Row London N1 8PA

Map of location:
StreetMap of N1 8PA

Fully Booked

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