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AQR Masterclass - Creative Writing for Researchers

It's our job to bring people to life for our clients. Being nosy about how people live is one of the reasons many of us got into this game in the first place. Writers agonise over the right words to create vivid and memorable characters, they ache over the difference between plot and story. We're not so different, really.

We’re all in the business of human truths, so why not bring those worlds together?

This AQR Masterclass will be co-hosted by Kirsten Hesketh (Dougal-Biggs) and Chloe Fowler.

Kirsten started her ‘first’ career as a planner at Grey Advertising and has been an independent researcher since 1998. Kirsten’s ‘second’ career is being a novelist.

Her first novel, Another Us, was published in mid-2020 and was long-listed for The Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize. And guess what, Kirsten’s main character, just happens to be a market researcher.

She will talk to us about how to create compelling stories and character-development. She’ll reflect on where creativity and qual collide and help us think about we can make our own work more nuanced, readable and vivid.

Chloe runs The Nest Research and is by no means a writer and she’s had absolutely nothing published since she was thirteen (though not for lack of trying). But great writing is the cornerstone of her research and she will help lead exercises to let all our inner-writers fly.

The session is suitable for anyone who is curious about where creative writing can enhance their work, or their lives. No experience necessary, but enthusiasm is a must!

There will be chances to flex our language muscles during the session but you will not be asked to share work unless you want to. Don’t be shy. All writers think they’re imposters in the genre (and frankly, I think many researchers feel the same!)

Join us.
Tuesday 8th December, 10:00am — 12:00pm

£30+VAT = £36 for members
£40+VAT = £48 for non-members

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8 December 2020

10:00am to 12:00pm

Virtually via Zoom

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£40+VAT (Book Online)

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£30+VAT (Book Online)

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