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Core Skills Training in Qualitative Research

The AQR Core Skills Modules are training courses planned across the year to provide building blocks for great research careers.

The Core Skills Courses

Career Development

Now is the time to build our Core Skills Modules into your 2018 career development plans, whether for new researchers or those who might benefit from specific skills training and consolidation.

Hands-on training puts theory into practice

Our training modules provide both learning and connection opportunities for their first three years in the industry. They are both hands-on and interactive, so researchers get the chance to put theory into practice and get feedback on ways to build their skills further.

Pre-course video introduction

All students receive the "Before the Beginning" video ahead of the course. This video highlights the context and story around qualitative research, to help the student understand and, in turn, champion the value of what we do. We are also putting more of the background, theory and context into pre-work and videos to enable more time to be spent on hands-on experience and coaching.

Keeping learning current

Every year we review and develop our training programmes. We are the torch bearer for standards in qual, our aim is to equip researchers with the skill sets they need to develop and provide them with the necessary tools to embrace new challenges and opportunities in a continually-changing industry.

MRS CPD Accreditation

The AQR Core Skills training can count towards the hours needed in the MRS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme. The number of accredited hours each course earns is listed on the individual page for the course.

For more information on core skills development

AQR Core Skills training modules are planned across the year to provide building blocks for great research careers. Courses are listed in the CALENDAR as soon as they are scheduled, along with prices and booking options. These courses are always in demand and advance booking is essential. If you have any further questions about any of our core training modules, please do not hesitate to contact us.