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Communicating your story

A one day course with hands-on approach. This course will help help you to move from feeding back on the content of the research to answering your client's question and getting the story across in a compelling and actionable way. Helping you to take your output and transform it into a smooth debrief.

Introductory Video

All students to AQR Core Skills course are encouraged to watch the AQR introductory video before attending their first AQR training course. The video lasts about 10 minutes and the topics included are:

  • Just what is qualitative research?
  • A little on our industry's past, present and future
  • What makes for a great qualitative researcher
  • What we typically do (projects, techniques and so on)

The objective of this video is giving you the headspace to reflect on the foundations of qual before you start your training with us.

Preparing for the course

Before the course, you will be sent a typical set of results for some fictitious qual analyses. You should either fully familiarise yourself with this training analyis or bring along a similar-sized analysis from one of your own projects to work on.

In order to get the most out of the course, it is recommended that you allow for a few hours of advance preparation over the 2 weeks leading up to the course.

Learning outcomes from the course

This one day course will cover the following:

  • Looking at the findings from the client's perspective
  • Identifying key conclusions that answer your client's business problem issue
  • Identifying and communicating actionable recommendations
  • Creating usable deliverables for your client
  • Getting it presentation/debrief ready
  • Tips on presenting to build confidence

Throughout the course there will be theory followed by practical tips. There will be plenty of time for discussion both during the different elements and at the end of the course

MRS CPD Accreditation

This course is accredited for 6 hours as part of the MRS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Scheduled Courses

AQR Core Skills courses are in high demand and advance booking is essential, both to ensure a place on the course and to give time to do the preparatory work required. Scheduled dates for this course are:

Please check the AQR Events and Training calendar for details of upcoming courses and booking options, late cancellations, and waiting lists. If you need any further information abut this or any of our AQR courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.