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Companies based in UK

2CV Research Market Research Agency Acacia Avenue Market Research Agency Acumen Fieldwork Field Agency Agroni Research Market Research Agency Angelfish Recruitment Agency Ardent Fieldwork Field Agency ase Market Intelligence Limited Market Research Agency Aspect Viewing Facilities (Manchester) Viewing Facility Aspect Viewing Facilities (Stockport) Viewing Facility B2B International Ltd Market Research Agency Babble Viewing Facility BatchelorClark Freelance Qualitative Consultant BEAM Fieldwork Field Agency Brand Doctors Qualitative Research Agency Brandspeak Limited Qualitative Research Agency Breathe Ltd Qualitative Research Agency Burns & Company Qualitative Research Agency Cambridge Market Research Ltd Market Research Agency Central Fieldwork Field Agency Code 3 Research Ltd Recruitment Agency ConsultJMT Qualitative Research Agency CRD Research Qualitative Research Agency Criteria Fieldwork Ltd Field Agency Dig Fieldcraft Limited Field Agency Discovery Market Research Agency DJS Research Ltd Market Research Agency Ethnic Dimension Qualitative Research Agency Ethnic Opinions Recruitment Agency Face Facts Research Field Agency FlexMR Supplier of Services Foreign Tongues Supplier of Services Full Colour Research Qualitative Research Agency Green Light International Qualitative Research Agency i-view Leeds Viewing Facility i-view London Viewing Facility Incite Marketing Planning Market Research Agency Indiefield Field Agency iThoughts Field Agency Julie Davey Research Freelance Qualitative Consultant Kings House Management (UK) Ltd Viewing Facility Kudos Research Field Agency Language Insight Ltd Supplier of Services Leftfield International Field Agency Made in Studios Viewing Facility MIS Group Intl. Ltd Field Agency Mojo Fieldwork Field Agency Movement Freelance Qualitative Consultant Perspective Research Services Field Agency Plus Four Market Research Limited Market Research Agency QRi Consulting Market Research Agency Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS) Ltd Freelance Qualitative Consultant Razor Research Ltd Market Research Agency RDSi Market Research Agency Research Opinions Recruitment Agency research-i Recruitment Agency Riteangle Ltd Field Agency Saros Research Ltd Recruitment Agency Schlesinger Group UK Viewing Facility Sherbert Research Qualitative Research Agency Sign Salad Market Research Agency Some Research Qualitative Research Agency Spectrum (London & Leeds) Viewing Facility Steele Fieldworks Ltd Field Agency Sutherland Labs Viewing Facility Take Note Supplier of Services The Behavioural Architects Qualitative Research Agency The Big Picture Market Research Agency The Cambridge Suite Viewing Facility The Field Division Field Agency The Front Room Viewing Facility The Insight Rooms Viewing Facility The Language Factory Supplier of Services The Nest Research Freelance Qualitative Consultant The Nursery Research & Planning Ltd Market Research Agency The Qualitative Lab (London) Viewing Facility The Qualitative Researcher Freelance Qualitative Consultant Thinkvivid Ltd Freelance Qualitative Consultant User Vision focus Viewing Facility Veloxx Insight Market Research Agency Vicki Raynor Qualitative Research Limited Qualitative Research Agency Viewpoint Field Services Field Agency Vision One Market Research Agency Vivid Research and Planning Market Research Agency Whycatcher Market Research Agency Zen Research Ltd Field Agency

Options to further refine your search

Type of business
Field Agency (19)
Freelance Qualitative Research Consultant (7)
Market Research Agency (20)
Qualitative Research Agency (13)
Recruitment Agency (6)
Supplier of Services (5)
Viewing Facility (15)

Specialist experience of a Business Sector
Automotive (4)
Charities, Voluntary and Non-Profit Organisations (9)
Chemicals (1)
Computers and Technology (4)
Drinks (7)
Education and Training (6)
Energy and Utilities (4)
Engineering (1)
Entertainment and Leisure (4)
Events and Conferences (1)
FMCG (21)
Fashion, Clothing and Style (3)
Financial and Investment (14)
Food (9)
Gambling and Online Gambling (1)
Gaming (5)
Government and Local Authority (6)
Health and Beauty (8)
Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical (11)
Home Garden and DIY (1)
Industrial (2)
Legal (1)
Media (10)
Pets and Petcare (1)
Property, Construction and Housing (1)
Publishing (1)
Retail and Shopping (14)
Social Media (4)
Sport and Fitness (2)
Telecommunications (4)
Tobacco (1)
Transportation (2)
Travel and Tourism (3)

Specialist Skills, Expertise and Services
Advertising and Communications (21)
Behavioural Economics (5)
Brand Positioning (17)
Branding Research (7)
Business and Marketing Strategy (5)
Business-to-Business (13)
Client Workshops (8)
Co-creation (6)
Communities (4)
Concept Development and Testing (8)
Conference and Training Venues (6)
Consumer Closeness and Immersion (5)
Consumer Workshops (7)
Consumer and Socio-cultural Trends (1)
Customer Loyalty and Loyalty Programmes (2)
Customer Satisfaction (2)
Deliberative Research (1)
Depth Interviews (18)
Design and Packaging (7)
Desk Research (1)
Digital Platform Provider (2)
Employee Engagement (1)
Ethnic Minorities (2)
Ethnography (9)
Eye Tracking (3)
Fieldwork (20)
Group Discussions and Focus Groups (35)
International (25)
Kids and Teens (2)
Mobile Research (5)
Moderating (6)
Mystery Shopping (1)
NPD and Innovation (15)
Online Communications (2)
Online Diaries and Blogs (5)
Online Focus Group Hosting (4)
Online Groups and Depths (11)
Online Qualitative Research (16)
Panel Provision (1)
Psychological and Motivational Research (2)
Qualitative Hall Tests (7)
Qualitative Recruitment (39)
Quantitative Fieldwork (11)
Quantitative Research (10)
Reputation (2)
Segmentation (5)
Semiotics and Cultural Analysis (2)
Shopper Research (3)
Social Media Research (1)
Social Research (4)
Training (2)
Transcription (6)
Translation (4)
Video Diaries and Vox Pops (1)
Viewing Facilities (18)
Web Streaming (11)
Web Usability Research (6)

Companies offering recruitment services with specialisation in
Affluent and High Net Worth (7)
Business Audiences (6)
College and University Students (4)
Disabled (2)
Financially Challenged (1)
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (3)
Learning Disabilities (1)
Minority Ethnic Communities (5)
Mothers (4)
Older Generation (2)
Younger Generation (6)