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Type of business
Field Agency (3)
Freelance Qualitative Research Consultant (2)
Market Research Agency (18)
Qualitative Research Agency (15)
Recruitment Agency (3)
Viewing Facility (1)

Specialist Skills, Expertise and Services
Advertising and Communications (21)
Behavioural Analysis (1)
Behavioural Economics (5)
Brand Positioning (19)
Branding Research (4)
Business and Marketing Strategy (4)
Business-to-Business (6)
Client Workshops (5)
Co-creation (4)
Communities (1)
Concept Development and Testing (11)
Consumer Closeness and Immersion (4)
Consumer Workshops (4)
Customer Satisfaction (3)
Depth Interviews (4)
Design and Packaging (7)
Desk Research (1)
E-commerce Strategy (1)
Emerging Markets (1)
Ethnic Minorities (1)
Ethnography (12)
Eye Tracking (1)
Fieldwork (3)
Group Discussions and Focus Groups (8)
International (12)
Kids and Teens (5)
Mobile Research (1)
Moderating (3)
Mystery Shopping (1)
NPD and Innovation (16)
Online Diaries and Blogs (1)
Online Focus Group Hosting (1)
Online Groups and Depths (1)
Online Qualitative Research (8)
Psychological and Motivational Research (1)
Qualitative Hall Tests (2)
Qualitative Recruitment (8)
Quantitative Fieldwork (1)
Quantitative Research (7)
Segmentation (5)
Semiotics and Cultural Analysis (1)
Shopper Research (2)
Training (1)
Transcription (1)
Video Diaries and Vox Pops (2)
Viewing Facilities (1)
Web Usability Research (3)

Companies offering recruitment services with specialisation in
Affluent and High Net Worth (2)
Business Audiences (2)
Disabled (1)
Minority Ethnic Communities (1)
Mothers (1)
Younger Generation (1)

Located in
UK (26)
Germany (2)
India (1)
Indonesia (1)
Ireland (1)
Italy (1)
Malaysia (1)
Netherlands (2)
Poland (2)
Singapore (1)
Spain (2)
USA (2)