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Quadrangle Research Group

We are a customer consultancy.
We help brands understand, and play into what matters to customers.

Quadrangle is an award-winning customer consultancy based in London. We help ambitious brands improve customer and commercial performance. Our role is to ensure brand decision-making, delivery and measures are driven by a deep, honest understanding of what matters to customers.

We start from the view that customers create the value in brands; and that digital has further heightened the importance of this truth.

The work we do draws on Quadrangle's unique, 30-year experience across research and insight, brand marketing, analytics and strategy. It is underpinned by the attitude at the very heart of our business: Entrepreneurial imagination.

Our work centres around creating that understanding for brands, in ways that enable decision makers to:

1. Identify and prioritise what makes the difference for their customers. For this, we draw on all five sources of insight (i.e. asking, listening, collecting, observing and connecting), infilling any gaps with new insight that we create ourselves.

2. Ensure brand strategy, delivery and measures are fully aligned with what matters to customers. We do this for the brand as a whole, or in a specific area, such as Customer Experience. Here, knowing that what gets measured gets managed, we have a particular focus on customer metrics, feedback systems, and tracking programmes.

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Contact Details

The Butlers Wharf Building
36 Shad Thames
London SE1 2YE

Telephone 020 7357 9919

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Key Information

Quadrangle Research Group is a Market Research Agency established in 1987 with 51-100 full-time employees, and has Group Membership of the AQR.

Employees who are AQR members

Diya Bhatnagar
Alison Camps
Charlotte Culhane
Tom Eley
Ben Skelton

Skills, Expertise and Services

  • Brand Positioning
  • Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Business-to-Business
  • Category Strategy
  • Client Workshops
  • Co-creation
  • Consumer Closeness and Immersion
  • Customer Loyalty and Loyalty Programmes
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Depth Interviews
  • Group Discussions and Focus Groups
  • NPD and Innovation
  • Online Qualitative Research
  • Segmentation
  • Shopper Research

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • The Market Research Society
  • The European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
  • The Interviewer Quality Control Scheme

Standards Compliance Accreditations

  • ISO 27001

Training Opportunities

Quadrangle Research Group operates a graduate training programme. Please contact Quadrangle Research Group directly for more information about their training programme and employment opportunities.


For further information about Quadrangle Research Group please contact them directly at the address shown above. When contacting this company, please mention that you found them on the AQR website.