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Riteangle Ltd

We've been recruiting people in the UK and all over world for 20 years. We will find you the right respondents who have something to say!
We are independent, and have a highly experienced team of expert fieldwork project managers.

Use us for high quality recruitment in all types business and consumer sectors and segments. We have strong expertise in high net worth AND hard to reach groups.

During the past years we've developed strong relationships with our nationwide team of recruiters, and have extensive and diverse coverage - reaching isolated locations and a wide range of markets.

The direct contact we establish with our network of trusted recruiters and their respondents means we get engaged, articulate and reliable participants with something useful to say. Sometimes it's essential to have a recruiter in the right place at the right time to find who we need for the project. We will work with our client to establish the best way to achieve this.

The RA team manage qualitative fieldwork all over the world. Working with our tried and tested partners we ensure the same quality of fieldwork services as you would receive from our UK service.

We understand that quality is key for your projects, so our market research participants are always thoroughly screened and then checked through our in-house participant database for previous attendance, and then by our independent pre / back checkers.

Alongside this, our project monitoring process mean that we crosscheck and evaluate all aspects of every single project, which ensures that everything runs along smoothly and efficiently.

Most of all we use our years of experience as an asset for your projects and ensure we completely understand and deliver for your research aims. We look forward to working with you!

Contact Details

50 Pendle Road
London SW16 6RU

Telephone 020 7251 7830

Key Information

Riteangle Ltd is a Field Agency established in 2001 with 2-5 full-time employees.

Employees who are AQR members

Sam Murray-Petersen

Skills, Expertise and Services

  • Fieldwork
  • Group Discussions and Focus Groups
  • International
  • Qualitative Hall Tests
  • Qualitative Recruitment

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • The Market Research Society


For further information about Riteangle Ltd please contact them directly at the address shown above. When contacting this company, please mention that you found them on the AQR website.