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FAQ: Careers in Qual Research

These are the answers to some of the questions people frequently ask about careers in qualitative research and about the AQR. If you cannot find the answers to your question, please ask us.

How do I get a job in qualitative research?

Most qualitative agencies recruit new researchers on an ad hoc basis and train them on the job. Very few offer formal graduate recruitment schemes. If you do not have previous research experience then your best chance of finding a job is to contact companies directly. But do your homework first! The AQRís Graduate Pack (available free by calling AQR) contains a wealth of information and advice about how to get a job in qualitative research, what itís like to work in the industry, and how much you can expect to earn. Itís then a case of browsing through the AQR Directory to identify companies that interest you.

Where are Qualitative Research jobs advertised?

Specialist recruitment agencies and websites (including the AQR site) also carry job vacancies, but these are generally aimed at candidates with previous research experience.