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Advertising your vacancies on the AQR website is a quick, easy and highly cost-effective way of reaching a quality professional audience of up to 4,000 visitors per month. You can run your online job advert for up to FOUR WEEKS for the all-inclusive AQR Member's price of just 200+VAT, (Non-members price 300+VAT).

Please use this form to order your Online Job Advert. for SITUATIONS VACANT only. Please give details of the job you want to advertise. Each advert must be for one specific job only. The information you put on this form will be the information that job seekers will see when they visit the AQR website.

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There is no need to say "Depending upon experience" or "Negotiable" etc. Keep it short and snappy, such as "25K+" or "Up to 35,000".

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This short intro is the text that will appear in the jobs listings, and also at the top of the detailed page about this job. This is your only chance to make a first impression. Make it inviting. Give the reader an idea of what sort of company you are and the job is about. Make them want to click through and see the more detailed info. Don't paste in a formal job description. If you do, no-one will read it.

Additional Info, up to 250 words max, plain text, no HTML

Give more information about the sort of person you are looking for, what sort of background or experience you are looking for, what task they'll be taking on. The objective is to get them to contact you, send you a CV and ask for more information. Don't just paste a legal job description in here. You can send them the formal job description once they've contacted you.

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Please use this section to indicate the methods available to the jobseeker to contact you. The methods you use are up to you.

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Standard Price 300+VAT
AQR Member Price 200+VAT

Note: Upon acceptance of your advert, we will run it online for FOUR WEEKS from the date of activation. If you fill the vacancy before then, or wish to cancel or suspend the advert for any reason at all before the four weeks are up, please notify us in writing and we will be happy to remove the advert for you. If you need to make any minor changes to the advert after you've placed it, such as correcting address or telephone number details, we will make these changes at no extra charge.

Next we'll take you to a preview so you can check what you've typed in. If you are happy with it, you can go on to the purchase order form where we will ask you for the contact details and so on for invoicing purposes. The information you put onto the purchase order form will NOT be visible to job seekers.

Please note, the advert will not appear on the website immediately. All adverts have to be checked and approved by the AQR staff before they are placed online.