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AQR: Kate McEnery-Evans, Catalyx,

Kate McEnery-Evans

Strategy Director

Kate has 18yrs experience as a strategic insight expert with a particular specialism in running customer closeness events. She has always embraced utilising new methodologies and techniques alongside traditional face-to-face research to support richer and more robust insights and was an advocate of online methodologies long before they became a necessity. Kate works with clients across a range of sectors with a specific interest in new media and broadcasting.

AQR Membership

Kate has been a Member of the AQR since January 2003.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2002 Graduated with degree in Psychology from St Andrews University
  • 2003 Began research career at Discovery Research
  • 2007 Runner-up in the Prosper Riley Smith Effectiveness Award
  • 2012 Became part of the AQR Mentoring Scheme
  • 2013 Ran the 'Welcome to the Games' course for the AQR
  • 2013 Speaker at MRS Online Research Conference
  • 2013 Made Company Director at Discovery
  • 2014 Successfully ran 'Welcome to the Games' for the second year
  • 2018 Tutored on AQR's Workshop, Welcome to the Games