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AQR: Gemma Baldwin, Blue Yonder Research Ltd, UK

Gemma Baldwin

Insight Director
Blue Yonder Research Ltd
United Kingdom

Gemma is an Insight Director at Blue Yonder having started out in 2011 as an interviewer, then field and CATI project co-ordinator, giving her a level of insight and understanding from multiple perspectives when becoming a moderator then Account Director and now an Insight Director at Blue Yonder. Gemma has a fascination with human behaviour, following on from her degree in Psychology.

AQR Membership

Gemma has been a Member of the AQR since September 2015. Gemma serves on the AQR Management Board.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2006 Graduated Lincoln Uni with a degree in Psychology
  • 2011 Began career in Market Research with Swift
  • 2015 Started at Relish as Senior Research Exec
  • 2015 Completed AQR Moderating Skills, Sweating the small stuff
  • 2016 Attended AQR Moderating Skills, 2-days
  • 2016 Promoted to Research Manager
  • 2017 Attended AQR Workshop, Welcome to the Games
  • 2017 Promoted to Senior Research Manager
  • 2018 Attended AQR Breakfast Bites Semiotics, VR & AR
  • 2018 Promoted to Account Director
  • 2018 Leeds Beckett Uni, students & Market Research careers
  • 2018 Attended AQR Breakfast Bites North What is semiotics about?
  • 2018 Completed AQR's Workshop, Welcome to the Games
  • 2019 Standing for AQR Committee election