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AQR: Anibal Marron Menendez, Managing Director, MG Research Solutions, Spain

Anibal Marron Menendez

Managing Director
MG Research Solutions

Formerly, Manager Director of Isis Research Spain (later bought up by Synovate), Anibal specialises in medical and healthcare research, which has given him a solid understanding of medical issues, governmental regulations and specialties in the Spanish Healthcare System. He has written numerous articles on pharmaceutical research and is a partner at the viewing facility A Window.

AQR Membership

Anibal has been a Member of the AQR since January 2018.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1993 Business Studies. Argentine University of Business Studies
  • 1999 Pharmaceutical Marketing. Pompeu Fabra University. Spain
  • 2001 Founder of MG Business Research Solutions, an independent agency
  • 2011 Article showcased in QRCA's VIEWS and selected for AMA archives
  • 2015 Professional Certified Coach ASESCO (Spanish Coaching Assoc.)
  • 2017 Gestalt Therapist (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy)