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AQR: Philip Barton, Some Research, UK

Philip Barton

Some Research
United Kingdom

Philip has over 20 years' experience in qualitative market research. He is a specialist in sport, leisure, video games and broadcast. He has worked on numerous strategic projects for video games publishers, the BBC, Premier Rugby and the Football Association. He is also a Director of Game Vision Europe Ltd. Prior to Some Research, Philip ran a small theatre and worked as sports journalist.

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AQR Membership

Philip has been a Member of the AQR since 05/1999.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1985 MA (Classics) Cambridge University
  • 1995 Freelance Quallie with Navigator and Cronk Dromgoole
  • 1998 AQR Foundation Course
  • 2000 Founded Some Research
  • 2008 Gained Conversion Degree in Psychology (Open University)
  • 2008 Graduate Member of the British Psychology Society (MBPsS)