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AQR: Katharine Cunningham, Researcher, The Nursery Research & Planning Ltd, UK

Katharine Cunningham

The Nursery Research & Planning Ltd
United Kingdom

Kat has around 7 years of experience as a researcher and has worked in boutique agencies as well as small start ups. Kat joined the AQR board at the age of 25, with the aim of championing young researchers within the industry. She wanted to give young researchers like herself a voice within research and set up the Young Unfocused Group. She has since set up Breakfast Bites, a series of morning meetings designed to tackle small but important issues researchers face as they progress throughout their career in Market Research.

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AQR Membership

Katharine has been a Member of the AQR since May 2010.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2001 Began working in the industry as a facility note-taker
  • 2007 Graduated University of Manchester
  • 2008 Joined Planning Shop International
  • 2010 Joined The Nursery Research & Planning
  • 2012 Elected to the AQR Management Board
  • 2013 Set up the AQR Young Unfocused Group
  • 2015 Set up AQR's Breakfast Bites