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AQR: Sharron Green, Freelance Market Researcher, UK

Sharron Green

Freelance Market Researcher
United Kingdom

I graduated looking for a career where I could use my languages and travel - and market research has proven to be ideal. In addition, I've loved having the opportunity to uncover and analyse human motivations and behaviours so that products, services and processes can be tailored to suit them. More recently I've been enthralled by the efficacy of using the internet to enhance and support the research process to the benefit of all involved.

AQR Membership

Sharron has been a Member of the AQR since May 2019.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1987 BA (Hons) Language Studies - French, German & Spanish
  • 1987 Began research career at MRB International (BMRB)
  • 1987 Joined the MRS and enrolled on their Diploma Course
  • 1993 Started at TRBI (international qualitative unit)
  • 2002 Began working as a freelance qualitative researcher
  • 2015 Attended AQR’s Swagger Course